Wednesday, April 6, 2016

#FVvr Filming Field Trip

While record rainfall has been occurring in the Pacific Northwest this winter, the sun has shown on our iTech students and #FVvr.  As we made our way to Fort Vancouver National Historic Site we had one element to deal with, the wind.  Sometimes you forget to account for certain things during projects, and this was one of those things.  When we practiced taking footage for the VR tour we accounted for many different things.  We made sure that our students weren't going to be in the images, every student knew how to operate the Theta S camera and app, and made sure to limit the footprint of our tripods.

Unfortunately, it was this last piece that led to a broken camera.  To make sure the photospheres had a minimal footprint to cover up we didn't extend the tripod's legs all the way.  This worked extremely well with the cameras that were inside away from the wind.  However, the wind blew over the camera that was capturing and we lost footage.  This could have been detrimental and really set us back, but the other teams of students worked extremely efficiently.  Since we planned out the shooting locations of the images, the other teams were ahead of schedule.  This allowed us to go back and get the footage needed to complete our tour.

The students did a remarkable job.  Everyone, including the park rangers and chaperones, were thrilled with how the students worked.  Now we have the footage that we need to make the virtual reality tour.  When we returned to the classroom, we spent our time finishing the artifact analysis scripts, sent the writing to be reviewed by rangers Tessa and Bob, and began to create the building tours using .

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